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Translation program, dictionary software, language instructions, spell-check. 

Translation Software

PARS/Polish Deluxe
English-Polish Translation Software
for Windows Vista/7/XP/98/Me/95/NT/2000


Pars Polish translation software       or order by phone:  1-416-763-4256
secure online

  • Translate email, letters, Web pages, professional documents, chat, any text.
  • Bi-directional translation: English to Polish, or Polish to English.
  • Download PARS/Polish online or order it on a CD-ROM; or have both at the price of one.
  • You can use PARS along with MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint or just as a stand-alone program - the translation function is conveniently accessible through a plug-in menu (toolbar).
  • PARS/Polish software is based on an English-Polish translation dictionary containing about 100,000 words and phrases in each direction - the total number of word forms is much greater.
  • You can even create and edit your own user dictionary. Or use our free system vocabulary customization services.
  • Optional add-on specialized dictionaries on Finances, Computers, and Military are also available (for more info click here).
  • PARS/Polish supports the following file formats: MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel, HTML (web pages - in the file-to-file mode or just on-the-fly, as you browse the Internet),  RTF, plane text.
  • Direct file-to-file translation mode is also available.
  • PARS/Polish translation program is constantly improved (both the engine and dictionary); registered users are entitled to free regular software upgrades.
  • Program requirements: a computer with any MS Windows operating system.
  • 7x24 technical support.
  • Free copy of EleGloss English-Polish dictionary with a purchase of PARS/Polish (see below for details.)
  • For more info please call us at 1-416-763-4256.
English-Polish Dictionary Software

EleGloss Polish
English-Polish Dictionary Software
for Windows Vista/7/XP/98/Me/95/NT/2000

00     (or free with a purchase of PARS/Polish)

Download Polish dictionary software       or order by phone:  1-416-763-4256
secure online

EleGloss is a comprehensive bi-directional English to Polish and Polish to English dictionary program.
  • 40,000 translations in each direction.
  • User-friendly program interface.
  • A special Copy/Paste mode allows the dictionary to "communicate" with word processing software, such as MS Word, and paste translations directly into the text.
  • Flexible dictionary look-up and search functionality.
  • Requirements: a personal computer running any MS Windows operating system.
  • More info: email us or call 1-416-763-4256.
Other Polish Software Products
  • Software packages: dictionary and translation software, spell-check, language learning CD-ROM, etc.

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