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Cars from Canada and the US: buy a new or used car in Canada/States and have it shipped to Ukraine, Russia, etc. Import a car from the US into Canada.  


Cars from Canada and USA
  a page about buying, exporting, importing, and shipping a vehicle from/to Canada and USA

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New and Used Cars from Canada and the USA
High Quality - Affordable Prices - Fast Shipping to Canada, Russia, Ukraine, etc.

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For Canadians Importing a Car from the USA to Canada

Here are some great sources of information for Canadians on how to buy and import a new or used car from the US to Canada:

We can help you buy a new car in the U.S., import it into and register in Canada.

Here is how it works:

1. Important: Check the list of the vehicles admissible to Canada (click here >).
2. Build and price your car at the manufacturer’s Canadian and USA web sites and get a rough idea of what you can save. (For example, visit both and
3. Assess other expenses you will incur:
    - $300 (approx.) - various import fees
    - $1,500-2,000 - shipping fee
    - $997 - our brokerage fee
    - [6.1% - vehicle import levy collected on cars manufactured outside of the U.S. or Canada only]

4. Contact us to apply for our services. ( click here >>)


Auto Shopping in Canada and US for Non-residents

Have you ever thought about shopping for a car in the US or Canada while sitting at your computer in Ukraine, Russia, or elsewhere? Well, you should then. And this is why.

Due to the favorable US and Canadian dollar to Euro exchange rate, both new and especially used cars as well as auto parts and accessories sold in USA and Canada are becoming increasingly popular worldwide. Being of excellent quality and reasonably priced, they well lend themselves to export to Ukraine, Russia, and other countries in Europe, Asia, etc.

Если Вы находитесь в России, на Украине, в одной из стран Прибалтики, Содружества Независимых стран, и интересуетесь возможностью покупки автомобиля в США или Канаде, Вы - на нужной странице.

Мы можем Вам подобрать/найти в США или Канаде новый или подержаный автомобиль (квадроцикл, снегоход, гидроцикл, минибас, грузовик), соответсвующий Вашим требованиям и бюджету, купим его для Вас и отправим его в любой порт Европы (Котка, Гамбург, Гдыня, Одесса и т.д.).

Если Вы уже определились с покупкой и нашли желаемый автомобиль в США или Канаде, мы поможем Вам завершить покупку, позаботиться о его транспортировке и отправке в порт назначения.

Сформулируйте Ваши пожелания и требования  и отправьте их в нижеприведенной формочке.

USA and Canada are well-known of their strict regulation of  the automotive market. Strict vehicle registration requirements and fraud prevention measures, as well as rigorous emission standards adopted by the US and Canada is another reason why you should consider buying your car in these country. And, finally, since unlike the United States, Canada has adopted the metric system, cars imported to Europe from Canada are in full compliance with the European standards and requirements.

No American or Canadian car dealership will ship anywhere though. You, or someone who represents your interests, has to be here in person to close the sale and pick up your purchase. And this is exactly why you would need our help. We will:

  • negotiate a better price of your car from the local Canadian auto dealer of your choice,
  • consolidate your order, if more then one car and/or dealership is involved,
  • do all shipping and handling work - in a fast and reliable way.

It's our commitment to offer you top quality pre-owned vehicles with low mileage and complete service history as well as high demand brand new models at competitive prices. We also guarantee tax free export of new and used cars, low sea and air freight rates, and fast and reliable delivery worldwide, in particular to Europe.

Cars - New and Used.
In Canada,
the best places to start shopping online for a passenger car, sport utility vehicle (SUV), mini van, pickup, van, commercial truck, motorcycle, motor home, camper, recreational vehicle (RV), snowmobile, dozer, front loader, farm equipment, watercraft, boat, yacht, etc. is Auto Trader. Another comprehensive source of information on cars, SUVs, and minivans is So, take your time to browse all the wealth of Canadian cars available through these sites. (When prompted for postal code, enter m6p2s1 - it's downtown Toronto.)

Should you decide to purchase a particular vehicle you have spotted at one of these Web sites, do not hesitate to contact us by phone, email or fax. Or, if all that Internet search stuff is not for you, just let us know what car exactly you want - make, model, trim, color, transmission, mileage, year, other important parameters, as well as the price you are willing to pay for it - and we'll let you know if we can arrange for something that matches your specifications.

Auto Parts, Tires, Lubricants and Accessories. This is another segment of the automotive market where we could be of assistance to you. Canadian Tire is a huge supplier of auto parts, tires, lubricants, and accessories to the Canadian automotive market. Just let us know what you need from their store and we'll arrange a shipment to you. There is no part or accessory item that we couldn't find for you. Full line of original and aftermarket automotive parts are for your disposal through us.

Ukrainian and Russian Cars.
We also offer Ukrainian and Russian cars: Avtozaz-Daewoo Lanos, Avtozaz-Daewoo Nubira, Avtozaz-Daewoo Leganza, Tavria 1102 - 3 door, Tavria 1105 - 5 door, Volga GAZ 3110, Lada VAZ 21099, Lada VAZ 21093, Lada VAZ 2109, Lada VAZ 21083, Lada VAZ 2108, Lada VAZ 2107, Lada VAZ 21053, Lada VAZ 21043, Niva (1700) "Tajga".

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