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Chernobyl Tour: FAQ and Tips

Can I visit/tour Chernobyl and Pripyat?  

Chernobyl Tour, Ukraine: Reactor, Nuclear Disaster/AccidentYes, you can go to Chernobyl and Pripyat these days. It is now open to tourists. To make it legal, you will have to take a tour like this. Otherwise you will not be able to enter the 30 km Exclusion Zone and therefore see the Chernobyl power plant and the ghost town of Pripyat. Read on for our tour/travel tips below and enjoy.       

Traveling to Chernobyl-Pripyat  

You will need to arrange for a flight to Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, and a stay at a Kiev hotel for at least one night before the tour. Make sure to check our tour news page to see the current status of the operation.  It is also strongly recommended to contact us before you go ahead with your travel arrangements to find out about the tour availability and other important tour information.

Who runs this tour?  

This tour is run by the Government of Ukraine. It is the sole and exclusive operator of this activity. To be more specific, it is carried out by the Exclusion Zone administration. This is who actually decides about what you will see and where you can stop/walk/drive and where you cannot. They also provide certified tour guides who accompany you at all times while within the boundaries of the Zone. For the tour rules set by the Zone authorities, please check this.

How to get the best deal?  

As far as the Chernobyl tour is concerned, the best deal means the best possible rate on the smallest possible tour group.

How can this be achieved? Well, you can certainly do it the hard way and spend your time studying the rates and schedule, and other tour info provided on our tour info pages or... 

..., the best way of doing it is just .... contacting us.

We love it when you ask questions; and we will get back to you promptly. So, ask for our help. This will not only save you a lot of time, but will also result in the best possible deal.

Another reason is that, time and again, we offer special deals which we do not advertise on this site.

Schedule and dates  

The bottom line is that his tour operates virtually every day, all year round. For more accurate info, check this page.  

If the date that interests you is not listed there, just contact us. Chances are great that the desired date will be available too.

Types of Groups/Tours  

We always recommend a small-group tour because this is the best value for your hard earned money.

However, to cater to all types of visitors / situations, we offer the entire spectrum of the tour types: private, semi-private, small- and medium size group tours and even coach bus tours.

We can even customize your tour.

2-day (and multi-day) tours and customized private excursions to the Chernobyl-Pripiat zone are also available upon request.

Professional tours for  photographers, media and film pros, scientists and researchers can also organized. 

How do I book a spot(s) on the tour?

You will have to contact us to book spots on this tour. You will be asked for the following information from your passport or travel document:

- passport number,
- full name,
- date of birth;
- citizenship,

as well as your occupation and purpose of visit.

How much does it cost to visit Chernobyl-Pripyat

The rate range is very broad - it starts at $80 and goes all the way up to $450+ (for a private tour for 1 person). The actual rate on a given day and tour depends on several factors: the spot availability, the size of the group you join, and some other ones too.

On average, expect to pay something around $150/person (USD) or so if you do not mind to join others.

If you are a student or senior, or there is quite a number of people in your party, just ask us about a discount, and most likely we will have a nice one for you.  

However, if you are, for example, a photographer and need more time or solitude, you might want to opt for a semi-private or even private tour for yourself or the party you are traveling with, in which case you should expect to pay considerably more.

Is visiting Chernobyl safe?

Chernobyl Zone: Nuclear Disaster/Accident and TourThe radiation levels vary a lot across the 30 km Exclusion Zone. The certified tour guide who works for the Zone administration and who will accompany you at all times while on the tour, will guide you very carefully along safe and carefully charted  routes. The radiation levels will be monitored at all times. (Personal radiation counters are allowed and welcome too.)  He/she will also tell you that the dose of radiation you will acquire on a day in Chernobyl-Pripyat is less than that you accumulate during a transatlantic flight. The time you can stay in the near proximity of Reactor 4 - where the radiation is at its highest - is fairly limited. Visitors are also expected to follow the tour rules which will help keep them radiation free and safe. 

Do I have to obtain a doctor's permission to be able to visit Chernobyl?

This is not a part of the requirements. However, you may want to see your family doctor to make sure there are no contradictions, especially if your health is not in the best shape.  

Can anyone go on this tour?

Anyone who is 18 and over can go on this tour. However, pregnant woman should not attend this activity. If you have poor health, please consult a physician to determine your eligibility for this activity.

Do I need to book in advance?

Yes, you absolutely do. The two main reasons are: 
- a limited capacity of this operation. (There is a fluctuating limit on the number of tourists that can enter the exclusion Zone on a given day.)
- it takes some time for your application to be approved and processed by the Ministry in charge of this operation..

Can I book it with you?

Yes, you can.  Our company has been around since 1997. We run several Web sites dedicated to Ukraine-related products and services. This site was established in 1999. We have been involved with booking this tour for many, many years. We have huge experience in this area. We are not a middleman -we deal directly with the Ministry and Zone administration.  

  • Over 10 years of extensive experience
  • Thousands and thousands of tourists, professional and amateur photographers, media and film pros, scientists and researchers from Europe, the Americas, Japan, Australia, and the rest of the world
  • Small comfortable groups, semi-private, private and professional tours.

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