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Chernobyl Tour - Rules and Regulations


You have to bring your passport / travel document / photo ID with you to the tour and have it on you for the entire duration of the tour .Otherwise you will not be permitted to enter the Chernobyl Zone. Make sure it is the same ID you have used for your tour booking purposes.

Dress code

There is a dress code in effect designed with your safety in mind. The bottom line of it is that all the parts of your body have to be properly covered at all times. In other words, you have to wear pants (no shorts or skirts), a long-sleeve shirt/top (no short-sleeve shirt or tees), closed-type footwear (no sandals, flip-flops, etc), and a cap to cover your head. Failure to comply with this code will result in your non-admission to the tour..  

Alcohol / Intoxication zero-tolerance

Those who have been drinking alcohol immediately before the tour or being under influence of other intoxication, will not be permitted on the tour. Consuming alcohol during the tour as well as bringing it into the Zone is strictly prohibited.


Weapon regulations

Firearms, fireworks, explosives, or cold weapons are not permitted on the tour. Failure to comply may result in criminal prosecution according to the laws of Ukraine.


Visitors are not allowed to smoke tobacco (or anything else) in the open air.

Meals and water

Visitors are not allowed to have meals in the open air. You are not allowed to use or drink water from open water sources (lakes, wells, rivers, etc.) 

Seeing is ok, touching is NOT ok

Touching of objects, structures, vegetation, or the ground is not permitted. Sitting on the ground is also not permitted.

Photography / Video

Taking pictures and shooting video IS permitted. However, you have to be very careful and avoid placing your photo/video equipment on the ground.

Take-away zero-tolerance

Taking items away from within the Zone is considered a serious violation of the tour regulations.

Your tour guide

At all times while within the Zone, you will be accompanied and guided by a certified tour guide who works for the Zone administration. It is essential that you strictly follow all the verbal instructions, recommendations, and suggestions.

Please remember that the Chernobyl tour is nothing like your regular river boat excursion. It is a really unique experience. The more carefully you follow the rules above, the safer you will be at the end of the day.    

Thank you for your understanding !

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